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About Us

Design, design, design. 

Design, design, design. 

We’d emphasize it more, but then we’d feel really redundant. We’re part of an economy that is driven by results. How much. How fast. How lasting. Our actions are often more focused on execution instead of conceptualization. As a consequence, financial decisions are usually made hastily and without regard for the overarching implications, leading to costly inefficiencies.

At TRIAD Wealth, we make it our responsibility to ensure your maximum wealth potential through design. Our planning process examines every area of your financial picture, integrating each facet into a single strategy unique to your goals. We bring efficiency to your financial decisions. We help you eliminate costs and capture more money. And most importantly, we’re never satisfied. We keep designing to keep you happy.

Meet Our Team

Garrett McMillan

Vice President

Garrett McMillan became a principal with TRIAD Wealth in 2009. He believes that building strong relationships through proactive communication and mutual trust is the only way to grow a successful business. By placing emphasis on closely understanding each client’s unique needs and values, Garrett and the TRIAD team develops a full-scale financial plan that seeks to maximize a client’s wealth.

Garrett graduated from the University of Missouri – Saint Louis with a bachelor’s degree in finance. He is Series 7 and Series 66 licensed and his specialties include institutional money management and asset management for retail investors.

Russ McMillan


Russ McMillan has been providing sound financial strategies on income tax reduction and tax-deferred growth strategies since 1992. Now, as founder and president of TRIAD Wealth, Russ helps individuals manage and maximize their personal wealth potential using Guardian’s wealth organizational tool referred to as The Living Balance Sheet®. The Living Balance Sheet® system is based on sound economic principals, and is being used by business owners, executives, celebrities, retirees and other wealthy individuals across the country. Russ has become a well respected wealth accumulation specialist in his field helping his clients to more effectively utilize their current financial assets to maximize their full financial potential with less risk.

Russ has become a part of a growing group of financial professionals who do not believe in how financial strategies are being taught to the general public. Consequently, he has dedicated himself to teaching the principles of economics to his clients and its potential effect on his client’s lives.

Russ has been happily married to his wife, Linda since 1979 and they have one son, Garrett. They have lived in Saint Louis for over 30 years and enjoys world travel, great food, riding his Harley-Davidson and spending time with family.

Registered Representative of Park Avenue Securities and Financial Representative of Guardian.